Thursday, December 5, 2013


I used to like fog. I thought it was pretty. I still think it's kinda pretty.

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But now I have to drive in it.

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Driving in fog is not fun. It's not as bad as driving in the snow (in my opinion), but it's really hard to see much of anything. Joy.

How many speakers have used fog as an analogy for clouded spiritual sight? Not being able to focus on Jesus Christ because there's just so much stuff in the way? I'm thinking of one talk in particular, namely Now Is the Time to Arise and Shine! by Elaine S. Dalton. She describes a young woman, Florence Chadwick, who's a talented swimmer. In attempting to swim a great distance, Florence gave up because she could not see the shoreline, because of the fog (PS she was within a mile of the coastline but she couldn't see it and didn't know how close she was).

I don't swim. But some days, I drive past the Stake Center. On a sunny day, I can see the tall spire thingy from far away, long before I can see the building itself. But on a cloudy day, the white spire is difficult to see because of the grayish white clouds behind it. Now, on a foggy day.... yeah, I can't see it at all. It's sad. But when I get closer, almost right next to the building, I can see the spire IF I remember to look up! (Which reminds me of another talk, by Carl B. Cook- It Is Better to Look Up)

Life is foggy. Foggy distractions are a side effect of living on Earth. There's not really a way to completely avoid them. BUT! It's easier to see through the fog if you keep close to Heavenly Father. Like when I drive past the Stake Center on a foggy day- it's easier to see the inspiring spire if I'm right next to the building. But I also need to look up, towards Him, always.

Well, obviously I can't literally look up all the time. Just when I'm right next to the Stake Center and I want the reassurance of seeing that spire. But I can spiritually look up all the time. At least, I can try to :) No one's perfect, it's hard to center your mind around spiritual thoughts 24/7. But we can try :)

<3 Marie-Rose

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  1. Great point, and fabulous analogy! It truly is better to look up, even if our lives our filled with fog.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimony!



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