Tuesday, March 4, 2014

13 of my favoritest blog posts ever

These are in no particular order, but here is a list of 13 of the awesomest blog posts I have ever read!

How to Overcome Trials by Whitney at The Life of a Mormon Teen
I had had a super-nasty-gross-no-fun day.  I felt like I couldn't confide in either of my closest friends because one was always busy and the other's parents won't let her talk to me (cuz I'm Mormon). And then I read this post. And it totally made my day.

today i commit by Samantha Justine at These Moments
I love her idea. I really want to eat healthier and exercise and get more sleep and all that good-for-you-but-difficult-to-make-a-habit-of fun stuff. This post inspires me to make an effort :)

"Beauty Is" by Jenny Phillips by Sarah K at The Sprinkles on my Ice Cream
A wonderful message about individual worth. And if you've read many of my posts, you've probably noticed that the concept of individual worth is pretty important to me.

Women in the home are exceptional: A letter to a feminist blogger by Kayla Lemmon at All Our Lemmony Things
I love how she presents her argument. I haven't much thought about my position on feminism/women in the home/gender equality, but I think I will have to adopt Kayla's point of view cuz it makes so much sense.

Learn Wisdom in Thy Youth: Two Parents' Efforts to Raise Their Children by Jeremy at What I Believe -- A Mormon Perspective
I devoted an entire blog post to this one once (see here). I absolutely love his reasoning and perspective.

From Fear to Hope by Stephanie at Becoming Mormon
Hope is awesome. Have you seen my blog title? :) This is a wonderfully inspirational post and if you need a pick-me-up or a pep talk go read it.

Life is Exciting Stuff! by Destiny at Good for Something
Not a religiously-focused post, but I enjoyed reading it :)

"Tattooed Mormon" by Al Carraway at In the Head of Al
Not only is this post awesome, but her entire blog is awesome. In this post, she talks about how people view her because of her tattoos, and also less-visible "tattoos" of the mental variety. She shares part of her conversion story, and I dunno about you but I can hear joy in every word she types.

30 Days of Thanksgiving {Day 3} by Hannah Riley at The Perks of Being Happy
This post contains chocolate. And a eating chocolate=reading scriptures analogy. Chocolate+scriptures=day made!

Nora, alert, saws goldenrod-adorned logs, wastrel Aaron! by Hannah Rose at Words as Palindromes
A post about friendship that has nothing to do with the title (she just always uses palindromes for titles)

Run to Him by Eliza at Mark This Day
I had never thought about this story quite the way she explains it. But I really like her interpretation! It's super awesome! Plus, the picture at the bottom of the post is like my favorite picture ever

Planning my Wedding as a Convert by Dani at Let your Light Shine
I will someday have this problem. And it's terrifying. I'm mostly confident that my immediate family will eventually accept my choice. But I'm also mostly confident that my extended family will freak out A LOT. I could probably go through life without ever having to tell them...except for the whole getting-married part. I really like this quote from Dani's post: "Not only was I promised Happiness beyond measure, I will be MARRYING MY LOVE! We will be sealed together for all time and eternity. Any sadness or doubt that I will have about getting married in the Temple will surely melt away in the blinding happiness that we will feel on that day."

Watch the conductor by WhitneySue at Feel my Sunlight
In this post, she talks about the missionary ages being changed. I know we've all heard lots about that, but she compares it to an orchestra tuning to prepare for a concert. It's a super awesome analogy and you need to read it.

I hope you take the time to check out at least one of these amazing posts. I know there's more blogs I  follow and more amazing posts that I've loved, but 13 is my favorite number so I decided to stop here :) If you guys like posts like this, here's your job:
1. Tell me to do another post like this
2. Write some more awesome posts that I can use for another one of these! :)

<3 Marie-Rose


  1. Aw, thanks so much for including me in there! That is a super cool idea! I'm totally doing it in a while. And I loved these all! Super memorable! Thank you!

  2. I'm just catching up on my blog reading! Thanks for linking and liking my post! You are awesome!

    1. Aww, thanks :) catching up on blog reading is good! I've been doing a bit of that too. I've read a lot of posts that I need to go back and comment on, too.... Especially a couple of yours!

      <3 Marie-Rose


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