Sunday, March 23, 2014

I found a cool website!

I have no idea how I found this website. It may have been while I was procrastinating and hanging out on Twitter, or it coulda been from a blog I was reading. But I really like this website.

You tell it what date you want to start/finish the BOM, D&C, the New Testament, or the Old Testament. And you tell it what book/chapter you want to start on. And it tells you how many chapters to read in a day to meet your goal!!

I'm super excited guys. I think this is awesome.

For example, I just read Omni last night, in the BOM, and I want to finish by my baptism (June 14). Soo here's what I tell it:

Start in Words of Mormon
Begin today (March 23) and finish June 14.

Turns out I have to read 2.1 chapters a night, or 4.6 pages per day. I dunno if I can do that, cuz I average one chapter per night, maybe just a half if it's super long like Jacob 5. But it's good to know how to reach my goal! And how (un)realistic it may or may not be!

And it doesn't just tell you how many chapters/pages you have to read. For every day between your start and finish dates, it tells you what chapter you need to get to. For example:
Image source
Soo you guys should go check it out. It's not something I'll be using on a daily basis, but it's a neat little tool I'll probably come back to when I need to plan out a reading schedule. (Also, if I remember correctly which chapters are ridiculously long and which are super short, it takes those into account too! Woohoo!)

<3 Marie-Rose


  1. Ooh I love this! I am so using it!

    1. I know right!! I'm glad I posted this, then :D

      <3 Marie-Rose


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